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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are you located?

We are 2 miles from downtown Nevada City, California and about four miles from Grass Valley;

                65 miles/1 hour fifteen minutes north of Sacramento;

70 miles/1 1/2 hours west of Lake Tahoe;

           87 miles / 1 hour and 40 minutes south west of Reno, Nevada;

            150 miles/3 hours east of San Francisco;    

     10,865 miles/several days south east or west of Antananarivo, Madagascar,

which is almost exactly on the opposite side of the planet.


2. What is involved in the "Careteker's Work Trade"? 

We have a special cabin that is set aside explicitly for a "Caretaker".

The Caretaker participates in the activities at Ingenium

(i.e. attending Cooperative Processing trainings, shared meals, gatherings etc.)

and who feels an affinity with our common values.  

This role can either be filled by a skilled person who would exchange 12.5 hours of work per week to stay in the Caretaker's Cabin; or by a Caretaker with professional skill and seasoned experience at carpentry/plumbing/electrical (handyman) work for 8 hours work per week. 

The Caretaker contributes $200 per month into the Community Fund,

plus their share of both common and personal utilities.

Skilled Caretaker's tasks include trail work, landscaping, weed-eating, tractor work and house cleaning.

Other duties may include pond work, and security.

Professionally skilled Caretaker's tasks would include all of the above and/or general maintenance on all dwellings and structures (light construction/carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting/staining)

as needed.


3. Pets?

 Pets are not permitted in the Common House or Meditation Space. 

Residents and overnight guests may bring no more than two pets per household,

If you have a dog, it needs to be compatible with the current residents,

both human and of the furrier persuasion.


4. How much does it cost to live there?

Prices average about $1,500 per month + utilities

for your own private, fully equipped cabin plus 5000+ square feet of shared living space

including the Art Barn, Common House, Spa, Massage Room, 

and use of the trails, pond and organic garden space.


Along with monthly costs, each resident contributes 10 hours of volunteer service per month. 

5. What are the everyday expectations and activities for residents at Ingenium?

First, there are three main things to keep in mind in general about Ingenium

that residents align their priorities to:

1 - We have a traditional Landowner/Tenant housing structure.

2 - There are cooperative-living responsibilities and a community culture that is

affected by each resident, so ongoing participation is important.

3 - Residents' private endeavors are encouraged in conjunction with

these first two constructs being satisfied.

Along with the above, residents join in several things on an ongoing basis such as:

- Seva. Each resident contributes at least 10 + hours of service per month.

- Meditations, Sanghas, Sharing Circles, and special gatherings.

- A weekly Resident's, Utility, or Cooperative Processing Meeting where we go over logistics,

 any special issues, and/or  NVC/Compassionate Communication practice.

Currently on Wednesday evenings from 6 - 9pm.

- Rotating meeting roles such as facilitator, note taker, time keeper, etc.

- Rotating community tasks like spa testing, supply inventory, garden help, etc.

- Regular one-on-one check-ins with the founder to see how your stay is going,

ask any questions, express concerns, show support, share inspirations etc.

- Occasional "Land Clearing", "Pond Cleaning" or other "Work Party" days,

usually once or twice a season, and often ending with pizza or take-out. 

- Special Events: We love when each person organizes an interactive special gathering

 once or several times per year, showcasing their special creative passion(s)

or personal/relational growth projects. Even kids are encouraged to participate!

- Spontaneous cookouts, movie or game nights, pond-play days, camp-outs, 

brunches, dinners, holiday and birthday celebrations, and off-site excursions.

These are occasional and folks come at their leisure.

6. Can I park my trailer/RV/bus/van and stay on your land?

Unfortunately, trailers or dwellings of this type

are not practical at Ingenium both for aesthetic reasons and 

because the county has specific regulations

regarding how many residences are permitted on the property. 

Also, there is a comprehensive integration process for joining Ingenium. 

7. I don't have the funds to pay full rent/membership fee. 

Can I do more work-exchange beyond the 10 hours per month instead?

The rent/membership fee covers homeowner's insurance and taxes only.

No maintenance and no profit.  

Thus, the ten service hours per month helps us to take care of our maintenance needs,

but the rent is non-negotiable. 

8. Can I rent your space to hold my wedding, public workshop or retreat there?

Because we at Ingenium aspire to focus on our own contemplative and creative endeavors

we typically don't rent our spaces out for public events.

9. Can I grow pot on your land?

Nope. Cannabis growth is not permitted either on the land, inside dwellings or inside any structure.

More detailed info can be found on the "More About Our Vision" page.

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10. How can I contact You? 

You can send email to:

We've been having some difficulty with our email lately. 

If you don't hear back from us soon, please try us via "Messenger" through our FaceBook group,

or through MeetUp.

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