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Expressive Arts Village, Artist Cohousing

Hot-Tub Project Details


Jaspen Amodeo

Send initial estimates to:

[Email preferred]


Spa and Enclosure Building Scope of Work

Searching for a contractor to execute

 either PART A of this project which is excavating for and setting an in-ground fiberglass hot-tub and installing the plumbing and electric needed to run it; 

and/or PART B, which is building an enclosure for the hot-tub plus an extra room and breezeway connecting the structure to the main house - 400 sq. ft. total. 

Please contact Jaspen if you are interested in either or both parts as outlined below.

Initial estimates can be brief and generalized.

For formal proposals and contracts to be accepted, each section of this description, as it applies to the part of the project you are bidding on, needs to be included in your document >>using their corresponding numbers for easy reference.<<

Though plans are available, the list outlined here would take precedence

in bidding considerations.

Part A = #'s 1(A), 2, 3, 5-7, 22, 32-45 plus

preparation for #'s 10, 17, 18 possibly #'s 4, 8, 9 & foundation.

Part B = #'s 1(B), 3, 10-45, possibly #'s 4, 8, 9 & foundation.

This list is not exhaustive. The installation of the spa and the construction of the spa building (aka. "enclosure") will include everything that would establish the spa and building to be in good, sustainable working order and would closely replicate the picture provided in person by owner as much as possible.  This would include, but would not be limited to:

1. - Part A) Hot-tub installation to accommodate an in-ground fiberglass Viking Regal Spa provided by owner, plumbing and electric installation to run the spa, prep for future building enclosure; and/or Part B) Construct the hot-tub enclosure room, second room, and breezeway between spa room and main house. ~ 400 sq. ft. total.

  • The project site has been made into a compacted building pad.

  • Both parts of the project are to be based on the plans approved by Nevada County building department dated 2/24/19 (see link below),

and the list detailed here which would take precedence over plans.

Please inquire to owner if additional clarifications or details are needed on any aspect herein.

2. Excavation for Part A – to be completed according to Viking Spa installation guide (see link below). Notes: "Footings to be under 47" deep; hole for spa to be deep enough to create the spa flush with the floor with consideration of sub floor, tile, and rock work around spa edge. Spa is 3’4” deep, dig 4” deeper than the spa (3’8”). Navigate spa placement. Fill with with layers of either con sand or PG&E sand and water in 4" layers and pack by hand. Anything dug around the spa needs to be at least as deep as the spa.  Frame corners to level spa."  Spa to be set either with rock work installer present or with installer's markings for hearth placement clearly established.

3. Back-fill – Both after spa tub install and building completion.

4.* [Possible French drain around perimeter to prevent water build up under spa and/or possible retaining wall to shore up southwest dirt bank. Discuss with owner.]

5. Installation of an in-ground fiberglass Viking Regal 600 gallon spa tub 7’- 8” x 9’-8” and spa light which is provided by owner. Rough-in plumbing and electric required by contractor. Installation of all related components to be tied in by a local dealer including pump, blower motor, filter & controller. 60 amp electric water heater provided by separate retailer.  Contractor to collaborate with local external component dealer and may also consult with the Viking representative as well. See "Resources" link below.

6. Spa drainage system – Hydrostatic pressure relief drain system, below spa French drain and sump pump, or other system that prevents spa from rising when drained. 

7. Plumbing for hot water top-off to be delivered to the spa faucet from the main house.

8. Closet/Cabinet to enclose spa components outside of structure which enable them to be easily accessible. Components include the blower motor, 3HP pump, control box, etc.  Siding to match spa building.

9. Portion of interior spa room floor grading; interior floor drainage system to mitigate buildup of water on spa room floor by squeegee.

10. Fire sprinkler valve; fire sprinkler system as mandated by county (see link to plans below).

11. 2”x4” Wall framing.

12. Roof to be 35 year or better green composition shingles to match main house.

13. Windows & doors (not including skylights): Milgard Essence with Harmony Fiberglass exterior, unfinished pine interior.  Initial estimate at 19K.

14. 2 operable clear skylights with poles.

15. Remove existing window and remove siding as needed for roofing and walkway tie-in at the main house; install glass door, provided by owner, and trim. Create an aesthetic, sound, leak-proof connection.


16. Covered walkway from main house to spa room w/ same roofing materials i.e. green composite shingles, railing on both sides made of bamboo if possible, with small gate entry on north side near second room, deck wood flooring.

17. Electrical fixtures and wall sconces in both spa and second room. All lights on dimmers.

18. Plumbing fixtures – Interior spa faucet and anything that protrudes from the wall including but not limited to hose bibs, mixing valves etc.

19. Complete installation of working wood burning fireplace: Renaissance Rumford 1000 unit.  Other comparable, aesthetic options that comply with county environmental code can be considered, per contractor's suggestion.

20. Complete installation of heavy rock work to replicate picture (no faux veneer), including rock edge around spa.  Notes from Rare Earth in Grass Valley: For rock wall - Rocky Mountain Dry Stack; On floor in front of Hearth - Stair Treads; For around the spa edge - Sockeye Tumbled; Mantle - Large rectangular pieces in yard.

21. Venting, exhaust, dehumidifier system in spa room including exhaust fan and possible covered vents in walls. Exhaust unit will allow for the amount of air movement needed in a high-humidity environment, will be specific for spa room usage, and will be relatively quiet. Hi-E Dry Vehere (without ducting)? Ebac CD30E? Compare and select best option for bid.

22. Installation of a Coates electric Hot Water Heater:                          

60 Amps,

11kW ST Model or 12418CE model

Both models are indoor and outdoor rated.  Breaker is a 100 Amp non-GFCI with #3 wire.

23. Wall insulation R15 or higher, high density spray-in foam.

24. Ceiling insulation 2” blown, closed cell plus 7 ½” batt, fiberglass, with baffles and air space, equal to R42.

25.  Exterior siding to be WUI compliant vertical tongue-in-groove cedar, no battens (see "Utility Shed" on site); or horizontal wooden simulated log siding. Either is acceptable. Either would be stained and sealed to match main house with two coats;  Exterior trim to be 2", to match the main house.

26. Chimney chase in horizontal tongue-in-groove wood or wooden simulated log siding, to match the rest of the spa building.

27. Interior tongue in groove horizontal boards on walls and ceiling.  Two coats of oil based sealer on all interior boards, trim etc. Special consideration to reduce mold in highly humid setting.

28. Electric radiant heat under-floor mats in both the spa room and the second room with programmable thermostats.

29. Porcelain Tile Wood Plank flooring in both spa and second room, quality to accommodate high traffic.

30. Finish hardware: door knobs, hooks, door stops, possible barn door hardware, all in antique bronze finish.

31. Construct spa room in consideration of possible future installation of wall mounted air-conditioner, either hard-wired or with an additional outlet in spa room near northeast corner.

32. Clean up area to a natural state after completion – no concrete (or other materials) marring the surrounding landscape.

33. Contractor to supply list of allowances, if needed.

34. Further permitting for under slab plumbing (?)


35. Primary contractor or foreman, whichever applicable, will remain onsite during all work days.

36. Contractor will arrange for and attend all inspections. Cost of resolving issues and extra inspections paid for by responsible party.

37. Each party agrees to attend mediation sessions to resolve any disputes before bringing them to court or formal arbitration. Please inquire for details.

38. All invoices must be submitted within 30 days of work stage completion

39. All invoices will be paid within 10 days of receiving invoice

40. Late fee will be imposed for delays under contractors control.

41.  Warranty on all work to be 36 months or time period allowed by law, whichever is greater.

42. Start date ___________________________

43. Completion by or before _______________________

44. Progress Payment Schedule:


45. Inspection Schedule:

We are ready for construction to begin immediately,

but our main priority is to arrange for affordable, quality work. 

Our goal is to begin as soon as this project would fit into your schedule.

Contractors are welcome to arrange for a site visit before submitting a quote,

but sending a general estimate based on the specs and documents described here

as a first step would greatly expedite the process.

Bids are expected to be within the current customary range

of $250 -$350 per square foot, or ideally, less 

especially with consideration of materials that owner may have already acquired.

Questions?  Please contact Jaspen at 530-477-9147; - Email preferred.

Additional Document Links

Approved Plans

- A large print copy can also be found at the NCCA

New Spa Shape & Size

Viking Spa Installation Guide

Fireplace Installation         Addendum

Fire Sprinkler System Plan

Permit Deferral: Under Slab Plumbing Layout

Contractor Resources & Spa Components


Spa Orientation

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